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Hi, I am your hot bunny Phoebe and I am a hairdresser who loves to be outside in the garden or in the forrest.
I am full of spirits and I love to go dancing and playing billiard in my leisure time. I love to treat a man with my hands and my tongue until he's going totally crazy !
My hobbys are long walks, nude photographie, sports and sex of course. And I like to be watched during that or sometimes even filmed !
I like funloving and humorous guys, but in bed I need a strong hand to lead me, because I am submissive. But that doesn't mean that I just want to cuddle and to play tame, soft games - no way ! I get attracted by hot guys and by sexy ladies and so I love to take both in a shameless three-way-deal !
Since I am very young and inexperienced I love to learn a lot of new games. I've got a piercing in my tongue, which I really love, cause it's a big pro for some sexual activities. Most of all I like soft sadomasochistic games and tongue games !
When it comes to sex I love to play fetish-games and that means, that I treat my partner dominantly ! I want you to make me yours ! After sex is before sex and that's why I need a man who gives me everything in bed, even his last drop !
And LIVE in chat I'll show you how I use my favorite toys to do it to myself !

nude pornstars

I am very shameless in the arms of the right man and you even may put me in chains so that I am totally yours ! I love to use submissive men and I do whatever I want to do ...
I like a longlasting foreplay with a glass of sparkling wine and of course you may lick it from my body, too ! But also enjoy blow jobs and anal sex. I can get real self-indulgent, ...
Since I am very young and inexperienced I love to learn a lot of new games. In my spare time I love to go shopping and dancing. Furthermore I love to wear sexy outfits to ...
When I am really horny I can't hold myself back and every piece of my body is your ! I need sex a few times each day and so I need a very powerful lover ! The right lover ...