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Name: RUTH

Registered since: 18.1.2008
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Hey guys, I am the boob-bitch Ruth and I wish we were still living in stone age, because I like men who are acting like cavemen - who are pulling me on my hair in their cave to just take me there.
I am a neat and wantonly lady who just can't get enough of the men folk ! I love gang bang parties where I can suck a lot of cocks while the other guys are watching me !
My dreamman should know what he wants and I love to use a lot of fantasy in bed ! And so I am always open-minded for a new adventure !
I like dark-haired, trained men and if you can furthermore satisfy my needs in bed : BINGO ! But I am very spoiled, too ! I get attracted by trained men with pierced nipples and if I see such a dream man I can't help getting wet !
Hot bondage games are making me tame and wantonly ! You'll see that I am very spontaneous and I am open-minded and I love to experiment ! Most of all I love to let my pierced nipples shown up under my shirt and enjoy the wantonly glances !
When it comes to sex, I especially love extraordinary adventures, because I am a very spoiled bitch and I love to have debauched sex ! I would call myself a wantonly bitch, because I'll never miss an sexual adventure and I don't know any taboos when I have it off ! A man who is able to handle me can have really everything !
There's too much "normal" in our life, let us enjoy the most unusual things together LIVE in chat !

happy hentai

I am very curious and I like to try everything new in bed that makes me sum. I love to play oral games and I want to swallow all of your cum ! my hobbies are reading, cycling, ...
I like to be dominant and I want to seduce you to hot adventures ! But I also can be very submissive and I like to treat myself with bondage-strings, sucking-toys, wax and ...
Actually I prefer charming gentlemen with good manners, but in bed I need it shameless and full of passion ! Of course I keep my hot body with a lot of sports in shape. Furthermore ...
If you know how to treat me right, then I'm going to make all of your wishes and dreams come true ! I need a lot of diversification and that's why I am open-minded for a lot ...