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Name: ANJA

Registered since: 17.3.2008
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Hey my honey, I am the bitch Anja and I love every thing that's spoiled and dirty !
I am a hotblooded girl who can be gentle and soft. I love fetish sex and I also like to go to the swingerclub.
My hot body is adorned with a lot of piercings and a sexy tattoo and of course I love to show this adornment. And I like hairy chests !
I like to be dominant and I want to seduce you to hot adventures ! But after that you are the one to say, what kind of games we play, because I want you to be the one who's holding the reins ! I prefer tall dark haired men.
Tongue games are my favorite foreplay, and sometimes I kist won't stop ! Sometimes I even go to the Swingerclub to let my passion run free. Furthermore I think, that there can be more than two people in one bed, if you understand, what I mean ? Having good sex doesn't mean, to enjoy it just in bed, but also outdoor !
When it comes to sex I love to play role-games and to seduce you with a strip. I would talk about myself as a clever, nice and cheerful girl and I am also very imaginative, too ! A man should know how to make me laugh, but he should also know what he wants and he has to give the orders in bed !
Can you handle a bisexual, playful lady like me ? Come to me LIVE in chat !

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I am very shameless in the arms of the right man and you even may put me in chains so that I am totally yours ! I love oral and anal games and I also love hot oil treatments ...
I like dark-haired, trained men and if you can furthermore satisfy my needs in bed : BINGO ! But first of all I wanted to be seduce with a nice atmosphere and candlelight, ...
Usually I like everything in sex; it always depends on the situation, the man and my mood. It just can't be spoiled enough, because I love to play the real dirty games like ...
When it comes to sex I am really open-minded and so I love to experiment. I want you to put me in chains and use all of my holes and I also want you to treat my body with ...