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Name: KYRA

Registered since: 1.2.2008
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Hey my honey, I am your hot playmate Kyra and since I love the sound of music, I like to dance salsa !
I am open-minded for almost everything an most of all I love oral sex and the cowgirl position. I love to wear swim suits, because it's pretty easy to seduce men with such an outfit !
My hobbies are to bowl, to dance and to have sex of course ! And beside that I'm always open for hot experiments because I love to learn by doing !
I like sportive and handsome guys. But I also like to have a look at tasty bodies and that's why my dream men should be tall, strong, blonde, intelligent and tanned ! I bid you some real hot point of views and I love to surprise you !
Do show my wantonly body I love to do strips in the club or to be in the middle of everyone attention in a swinger club ! That's why I'm searching for a man who can take me real hard ! Furthermore I love to have it off at forbidden places, foot erotic and cam2cam sex !
If you know how to lead a woman and how to do it to her, then come to me quick ! I want to suck and please your joystick until I can feel your cum all over my face ! Actually I am a real wildcat, but in the arms of a strong man, I turn into a gentle lioness.
I need a lot of tender loving care and kisses and I want to share them with you LIVE in chat !

former porn stars

I am really wantonly and so I love to have it off with two men at the same time to play some real hot bondage games together ! I love french games in bed and just can't think ...
I like to meet new friendly people to have some fun together. But in bed you should be like a wild animal because I love the use of handcuffs and bondage-strings. I het attracted ...
To please me, you should be cheeky, playful and a little bit dominant, bacause that'll turn me really on ! Sometimes I even like to have it off with a few men at the same ...
When I'm really horny, I like to take a man from the club home with me, because when I need it, then I just take it ! I need a lot of bangs every day and I like to have it ...