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Hello babe, I am the horny partybitch Marianna and I'm hungry for knowledge - but not only in college !
I am honest, humorous, tender and curious and I get attracted by men who know what they want and who can take me real hard in bed ! I love romantic two some evenings und impassionate sex.
My dreamman schould be charming and nice of course, but he also should be a little bit dominant, because I like men who know what they want ! And of course I want you to treat me right, too !
I like to dance and to bid even more eyecatchers for the men folk I wear sexy piercings in my belly button and my wet paradise and I also have two tattoos ! But only to men who are intelligent and sporty, too ! I really get attracted by young, tall men who want to have it off spoiled, because I just love debauched games !
A lot of tenderness and a long foreplay are very important to me and I even like to get seduced on unusual places ! Because even an angel could sometimes be dominant and cheeky ! Furthermore I love to go to the opra or to the theater, but most of all I like to spread my legs in bed !
If you know how to lead a woman and how to do it to her, then come to me quick ! I would call myself a wantonly bitch, because I'll never miss an sexual adventure and I don't know any taboos when I have it off ! A good character is much more important to me than your look, but of course I prefer neat guys who take care of themselves.
Come to me, my hot honey and watch me playing with my fingers LIVE in chat !

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I am a sensual girl, but I am also a real good pal ! I love long and intensive for-plays with erotic massages and tongue games. My great sexual preference is Spanish. And ...
I like frivolity and good, hard sex. But real fun means to me, that I can seduce the menfolk one after another and that means, that you should be really ready to get seduced ...
Every sort of physical love pleases me because every kind of sex is good ! Sometimes I can be a little bit bitchy, but most of the time I'm nice, friendly and lovely ! Furthermore ...
When I am really horny I can't hold myself back and every piece of my body is your ! I want to suck and please your joystick until I can feel your cum all over my face ! The ...